Programs & Services

The CCCI provides leadership to help clients identify and accelerate the development of innovative CO2 capture and conversion technologies from the bench to large-scale implementation. The CCCI team work with technology developers to integrate, adapt, test and scale up their technologies to create industry-ready solutions. Through its comprehensive range of services and available experts, the CCCI enables the rapid and cost-effective reduction of uncertainty to enable earlier decision-making.

Performance Verification Program

The CCCI helps assure clients they are investing in technologies that perform as promised. Through a rigorous Performance Verification Program, the institute provides reliable, robust third-party independent testing for early commercial or pre-commercial pilot scale technologies to assist in technology assessment.

Scale-up Testing

Critical to the development of any new technology is moving the technology from bench-scale and batch-scale operations to the pilot stage. A key specialization of the Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre is pilot plant design, fabrication and testing. The CCCI team has experience scaling up a variety of processes ranging from solvent systems, membranes, and sorbents on the capture side, to chemical, electrochemical and even biological systems in the conversion stream. The CCCI team also brings expertise in pre-combustion oxy-firing, chemical looping and the decarbonization of hydrocarbons.

Feasibility Studies

CCCI’s feasibility studies provide clients with a high level assessment of the viability of a project or technology. Our experts examine client needs and the intended outputs of a project. After a thorough assessment, CCCI experts will identify critical uncertainties and develop cost and time-effective means of addressing outstanding questions.

Techno-economic Assessment

CCCI experts can help companies and investors make sound technology development and investment decisions through our techno-economic assessment processes. Clients save time and money by learning more about the cost and performance boundaries of technologies they are developing or considering for purchase. These assessments can also encourage creative thinking and novel problem-solving as researchers and developers use results to re-think expectations and pathways.