The CCCI collaborates with developers and end-users to integrate, adapt and develop technologies into solutions with real-world application.

The CCCI has lab space and scale-up facilities designed specifically to accommodate the special requirements of technology developers working on carbon capture and conversion technologies. And we can draw on our in-house team of experts and our global network to convene consortia to develop integrated solutions to industry challenges.

Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre (TCIC)

The Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute is headquartered in a 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre owned by BC Research. The TCIC offers piloting, lab and office space and provides technology developers with access to the specialized equipment they need to test and pilot capture and conversion technologies.

To meet the growing global demand for testing facilities, the TCIC can accommodate a comprehensive range of technologies from solvent systems, membranes and sorbents on the capture side, to chemical, electrochemical and even biological systems in the conversion stream.


  • Combustion grade CO2┬ástream (10-11% concentration), 1-3 tonnes per day
  • Gas mixing facility to customize CO2
  • Particle size, gas and elemental analysers
  • Sorbent testing
  • Online monitoring system
  • 10 inch water supply, 3 inch distribution
  • 2 inch natural gas line with 2 inch distribution
  • 2 inch airline
  • 30 KVA hot water boiler
  • 1200 Amp 600 V electrical service
  • High bay area