About Us

The Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute is a collaborative venture between CMC Research Institutes and BC Research Inc. This alliance creates a unique ecosystem of experts and equipment that is unparalleled in Canada.

Our mission is to accelerate the development, piloting, scale-up, and validation of new carbon capture and conversion technologies.

We offer clients access to a comprehensive set of facilities for pilot plant design, fabrication, testing and refinement. At the University of British Columbia (UBC) technology developers can work with faculty on early-stage, bench-scale technologies. The pilot plant facility, in the Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre, has infrastructure and utilities which allow for long-term pilot plant trials.

Multiple technologies accommodated

The CCCI can accommodate a broad range of technologies from solvent systems, membranes and sorbents on the capture side, to chemical, electrochemical and even biological systems in the conversion stream. We also have capabilities and expertise in pre-combustion capture and the decarbonization of fossil fuels.

In our quest to accelerate the development of capture and conversion technologies, we bring together researchers, engineers and business development professionals from the institute’s three founding organizations to work with clients. If we don’t have the in-house expertise, we reach out to our global network of experts.

University research

CCCI Senior Research Director Naoko Ellis, a professor in the Department Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia, will focus on the development of scalable industry-compatible processes to adapt the results of materials researchers from across Canada and internationally from bench-scale batch processes to continuous operations. The CCCI’s key early-stage research team is located at UBC’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and its affiliated Clean Energy Research Centre. Once a novel technology has been proven at a scale of a few kg of CO2 per day capture it would then be scaled-up at the Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre.

BC Research Inc. Team

BC Research Inc. operates the Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre where clients can develop novel capture and conversion process innovations from concept to commercialization. Together with their parent organization NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd., BC Research has over 25 years experience of successfully implementing novel industrial processes to an international market. BC Research Inc. brings unique technical expertise to carbon capture and conversion solutions that will expedite their readiness for industrial execution. The company has expertise in:

  • Pilot plant design and scale-up
  • Fabrication
  • Operations and start-up


CMC Research Institutes

CMC is the mission-driven operator of the CCCI and draws on a global network of experts to foster collaboration and build consortia to deliver solutions. CMC is a not-for-profit focused on eliminating industrial carbon emissions through the development of a series of R&D institutes focused on tackling carbon management challenges. As well as the CCCI, CMC is operating the Containment and Monitoring Institute to refine, test and deliver measurement and monitoring solutions to carbon capture and storage operations.